Snore no more with our innovative oral appliance therapy!

Strange as it may sound, but snoring can have a massive impact on your entire family

Having a dramatic influence on both the sufferer and those who reside with the afflicted individual, snoring can put a great strain on your health, lifestyle and your personal relationships. Over 3.8 million Australians snore, and this is placing a strain on many families across our nation!

The connection between snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea

Good sleep is essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. However, snoring can also be an indicator of an underlying condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (often referred to as OSA). People with untreated OSA are far more likely to suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or stroke.

Symptoms associated with obstructive sleep apnoea

Some of the most common symptoms of sleep apnoea include:

• Excessively loud snoring
• Fatigue
• Migraines and headaches
• Choking or gasping during sleep
• Poor concentration, learning difficulties and irritability

Health risks associated with obstructive sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea can be a life-threatening disorder that has been found to dramatically increase the risk of serious health conditions and accidents such as:
• Coronary heart disease (1.2-5.4 times the risk)
• Stroke (1.6-3.1 times the risk)
• High blood pressure (2.9 times the risk)
• Congestive heart failure (2.4 times the risk)
• Type 2 diabetes (1.5 times the risk)
• Motor accidents (2-7 times increased risk)

Treatment solutions at our Sydney dental practice

Snoring and mild OSA can now be simply and effectively treated. At Roseville Fine Dentistry we utilise the SomnoMed MAS (Mandibular Advancement Splint) treatment. The SomnoMed MAS has proven highly successful in extensive research and clinical studies. This is a dental device resembling a custom fitted mouth guard. It is worn only during sleep and is comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. It also does not limit the patient’s ability to open or close their mouth, yawn or speak.
To discover more about our innovative dental solutions to snoring and sleep apnoea, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located in Sydney, please contact us.

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