At Roseville Fine Dentistry we continuously follow developments in dental procedures & technology. We regularly update our state-of-the-art equipment, making your dental visit an exceptional one.

Digital X-rays

These provide an instant and clearer image than traditional x-rays with up to 90% less radiation. For more comprehensive treatment there is an OPG which takes an x-ray of the whole mouth in a few seconds.

Intra-Oral Camera and Digital Photography

Imagine what it is like to look at a tooth magnified 20 times, or a smile on the computer monitor! Patients now have the option to be truly involved in the diagnosis and treatment planning of their dental needs with the Intra-Oral Camera.

Magnification Loupes

This technology helps Dr Segal view your teeth with amazing precision, ensuring problems are seen earlier and fillings are placed more accurately.

Infection Control

Our entire team adhere to the most stringent Infection Control protocols utilising ultrasonic cleaning and the use of a hospital-grade sterilisation unit.