Why Choose Us at Roseville Fine Dentistry

1) We take the necessary time to examine and explain your dental treatment well

2) We are a welcoming and friendly practice and are here to listen and help you get the best for yourself and family.

3) We are a modern practice where we strive to keep up with the latest techniques and equipment. We have the highest sterilisation standards for the safety of our patients

4) Dr Segal has been in this practice for over 17 years and so has the experience and competence you would expect. He has enjoyed his long association with the Australian Dental Association for the same time.

5) Roseville Fine dentistry has a suburban feel and has a relaxed atmosphere which helps reduce the anxiety that some patients have. We also offer medication for those that feel they need it and go to extraordinary lengths to create a relatively pain free experience.

6) We are compassionate and understanding and encourage our patients to get the best long term results.

7) We are conveniently located at street level in the heart of Roseville, across the road from the train station. There is also ample parking at the rear of the surgery.

8) We are always available for emergency care for our patients and will  accommodate you on the same day. Time is always set aside for this.

9) We create beautiful healthy smiles you can be proud of.

10) Our reputation is very important to us and has been built up over many years with our patients who value our service and trust us with their dental needs. Many of our happy patients go on to refer their family and friends. We enjoy serving patients and find their appreciation very rewarding.

If you would like to meet us please call our office for an appointment on  9419-3307