Children’s Dentistry

I Want Dental Care For My Child

Visiting us from an early age can help to eliminate any fear of the dentist.

As a parent you play an active part in your child’s oral wellbeing and are the ultimate role model for their dietary and oral hygiene habits. We recommend working with your child from an early age to establish healthy eating habits and good oral hygiene techniques. By setting a good example from the beginning, you can help create a healthy routine for your child’s future.

It is important not to wait until your child first experiences toothache or mouth pain to visit us. A child’s first dental check-up should be at about three years old.

We always make these first dental appointments fun and enjoyable.

During your child’s first visit we will:

  1. Carefully examine the development of their mouth. This is very important as dental problems often develop at an early age (e.g. crowding, appearance of calcium deposits, bottle tooth decay, gum disease, prolonged thumb-sucking and teething problems).
  2. Count their teeth and give them rides in the chair, while explaining everything we are going to do.
  3. Dr Segal will demonstrate the right way to care for your child’s teeth by showing brushing techniques.
  4. We also recommend that you talk to your child about what to expect and build excitement as well as understanding about the upcoming visit.